Birth of a Blog… I am sure that’s never been used before.

I am a clever and unique individual! Thinking up alliterating titles. Look at me go…

Anyway, I’m going to be getting around to starting a public online space to post my musings about things that hopefully other people want to hear musings about. Specifically Video Games, a bit of Nerd Culture, and of course a heaping helping of opinion pieces. And there is no way this thing is getting away without at least a few Adventure Time references somewhere. I’m still learning how this site works and, for that matter, what exactly I want to do with this blog-like device I find myself managing.


To begin with, I’m going to probably be toying around with a couple different names for this. So bear with me because I predict some of them are going to HORRIBLE. If you’re actually reading this, I’m open to suggestions or constructive criticism regarding name choice. And I truly cannot WAIT to compromise my personal morals and pimp my URL all over the twitters and other “social media” outlets.

So, in summary, let’s see if this project goes down on a flaming ship of apathy and laziness, like things are apt to do.


Yours Truely,


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3 thoughts on “Birth of a Blog… I am sure that’s never been used before.

  1. Good luck. Word of advice, maybe consider changing your background color, it’s a bit harsh on the eyes.


    • Vazzaroth

      I assure you, it looked REALLY good before I added content. I’ll check out some other options, thanks!


  2. Hmm seems like we share a common goal, fellow adventurer!

    Just browsin’ figuring this place out. 😀 Hellow.


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