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My posts from Metaverse Mod Squad’s blog: Community Management and Moderation Tips!

I wanted to make a shameless self promotion post and link any visitors to 2 other blog posts that I’ve written for my company: Metaverse Mod Squad. I’ve worked at MMS for just over 5 years(!) now.  Here’s my contributions to our company blog!

  1. It’s The Little Things That Gamers Love
  2. Essential Knowledge for a Mod


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I’m not dead! Not yet, at least!

I’m aware I’ve seriously fallen back on my blogger duties, and there are literally PAIRS of you out there waiting for my new posts! And I never even finished my 2012 games post… and now we’re on the precipice of 2014… Oops!  Consider this a Renaissance or perhaps a resurrection spell. The blog itch has been biting and I intend to scratch it!     … I am so sorry for that one. Now, first thing’s first: Lets finish my year old post, quick and dirty-like!

Biggest Disappointment 2012

As is appropriate for this category, I really, really with I didn’t have to name this game as being terrible. I’ve followed this game for a very long time, and played a number of beta builds. I couldn’t wait for the developer to deliver on the planned features and promises! And then… Cortex Command launched.

This game is still an amazingly fun Sandbox and the physics are ultra awesome to play around with! But it did not realize it’s great potential. The game launched without an real campaign or significant AI implementation, and the only Multiplayer is local Co-op, a very strange choice for a physics sandbox with fiddly controls. There was no new features I could find compared to the beta I had played almost 2 years earlier! What was there seemed great, but a sandbox with no progression, balance, story, or reason to play beyond testing the physics was just so, well, disappointing. I think the small Dev team ran out of time/money/drive and just launched what they had, with the gall to charge $20. My only consolation was that I got it for like $5 on an old Humble Bundle deal for beta.

Worst Game Played 2012

It’s Wanderlust: Rebirth. God, I hated this game. I bought it almost as soon as it came up on Steam since it looked right up my alley. Old school 2D action RPG, and apparently it was being made by (Or Published by?) the guys making Starbound (More on that later!) and I wanted to support them however I could! So I bought it, launched it… and cried.

Controls are atrocious, weren’t re-bindable, and had barely any controller support in a game that seemed to require it. You know, I’ll let me Steam review speak for itself:

“DO NOT BUY THIS. This game sucks. I heard it was funding Starbound, the successer to Terraria, so I bought it. I played for 5 mins and regretted it.

The Gamepad controls don’t let you map all the buttons, so you have to constantly reach up to press E on the keyboard to advance dialogue or I to open inventory. The keyboard layout is crappy, but does not use the mouse, so there’s no excuse for Keypad controls to blow so hard.

I let the AI companions finish the first mission for me and then quit. It didn’t even let me Alt+F4.”

Maybe they’ve patched it, I wouldn’t know. It pissed me off so much I sent it where my Steam games go to die: The “Regretful Purchases” category, along with Brink and Dungeons.

Thanks for sticking with me, and welcome to any newcomers! Keep an eye on this space for more regular content, hopefully at least 1 a week. Tweet me if you loved or hated my shit, or let me know if you think I should rant about anything!

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Birth of a Blog… I am sure that’s never been used before.

I am a clever and unique individual! Thinking up alliterating titles. Look at me go…

Anyway, I’m going to be getting around to starting a public online space to post my musings about things that hopefully other people want to hear musings about. Specifically Video Games, a bit of Nerd Culture, and of course a heaping helping of opinion pieces. And there is no way this thing is getting away without at least a few Adventure Time references somewhere. I’m still learning how this site works and, for that matter, what exactly I want to do with this blog-like device I find myself managing.


To begin with, I’m going to probably be toying around with a couple different names for this. So bear with me because I predict some of them are going to HORRIBLE. If you’re actually reading this, I’m open to suggestions or constructive criticism regarding name choice. And I truly cannot WAIT to compromise my personal morals and pimp my URL all over the twitters and other “social media” outlets.

So, in summary, let’s see if this project goes down on a flaming ship of apathy and laziness, like things are apt to do.


Yours Truely,


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